Friday, February 20, 2009


This place located at white sand kelantanis near the Econjaya shopping complex..that place had built around 35 years ago u know??..if can c full location it was renovated sudahh..kalo x, confirm leh jd tempat khazanah la plak..huhu...emm...this place more to traditional method bcoz still using 'gayung' when to take pray water..although it not modern than another place but i think it can be avoid waste water rite?huhuu...yelaa...sometimes when we use pipe water without we aware it can over a lot flowing..believe or not???so myb people there more like 2 use this way....atleast they can help their department to save bill cost(mmm yekaa...)lg plak masyrkat skrg ni kn lebih pd pentingkan material than pahala..(",)
so xsalah la yea if i think most of them only to think about this rite??juz want to sharing with u all...


  1. hihi tht guyz in da title nt wearing any clos eh....wah er tage sound interesting chose ur love n love ur choice,hw about tht if ours choice is nt in love tht we chose ngeeeee~~

  2. awk cmne gna gayung or pipe?